Dumgoyne - 427m
Friday 30th July 2004

Weather/Conditions: Warm day, with blue skies and some cloud. I think there might have been some wind at the summit although it wasn't too bad.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 8km / 350m / 4h
Accompanying: Dad

I went up this hill with dad, eagerly excited about being able to climb something again. We began at Strathblane beside the monument and walked along the trail before turning off at Cantywheery. This small uphill section as we passed the forest was tiring, and although not being terribly sustained or steep, it was hard work. We crossed by the side of Dumfoyn, following the distinct but narrow path and went up the side of Dumgoyne. I'd found this last part to be very tiring, and the last sections were difficult physically. However being a bit smaller, the mountain was also bigger and so was harder work - Dumgoyne does well as far as steep slopes go. We reached the top, and the views were great! Who said peaks of low prominence didn't have good views? The views around Glasgow, out to Tinto and to the Southern Highlands were great!

From the top we headed down a direct route on the eastern flank of the hill. By the time we reached the track back to Strathblane, my feet were in complete pain and the walk back felt dreadful - not enjoyable at all. Why was I so excited about getting out to hillwalk again? :) One of the funny things about this hillwalk was the size of my rucksack - the amount of stuff I was carrying was completely unnecessary but I guess it probably got me in good habits in the long run about prepared-ness. A nice day though, even if the feet got sore. The nails softened until I could peel the ends of effortlessly in the car. Yuck.

360° Panorama


Written: October 2007