The Cobbler - 884m
Cobbler North Peak - 870m

Saturday 30th October 2004

Weather/Conditions: An overcast day, but the cloud base generally above the hills, and rising throughout the day. However there were some stray clouds below on the Cobbler and in the valleys which looked great. There was no rain, or very little if I've forgotten, and it wasn't windy either.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 10km / 1000m / 6h
Accompanying: Dad, Steve, Ross, Uncle Dave

This walk was my second time up the Cobbler and this time I was going with cousin Ross and Uncle Dave. They were staying in Crianlarich (I believe) for a few days to do some walking so Dad, Steve and I took them up this hill that we'd visited a few months previously with Darius. One of the previous plans was to perhaps climb Ben A'an though by the time we had driven north, The Cobbler was looking to be the likely option.

We began walking around 12-12.30pm and took the zigzagging path upwards to the dam. When visiting in May 2004, the construction of this path had yet to be finished. We had followed the old tram line during sections but now that this new one was recently completed, it offered a more gentle ascent up to the Cobbler.

We reached 400m by 1.45pm. Everybody stopped for breaks on the way up but I was feeling anxious to make progress. Beyond 500m I began to stray ahead of the group and I continued upwards, now going full speed to the top. The Cobbler had been progressively clearing of cloud and by the time I was up on its upper slopes it was mainly clear around about.

Summit and North Peak

I believe I reached the summit at about 2.45pm and Steve followed behind me. If memory serves correctly, Ross and Dave came up and dad arrived after. At the top I went to the pinnacle and wanted to see if I could climb it for a second time. The rock was wet and standing on the ledge leading to the scramble, I knew there was every chance I could get up, but coming down would be problematic. I'd have to slide off the boulder and onto the ledge (and be totally out of control) where I would need to securely land on wet schist. It was beyond me, I couldn't risk it and so backed off and was content having almost climbed The Cobbler.

I also climbed the north peak too. This one had it's own problems and although I later discovered that the easiest route of ascent could be found around the back of the peak, I took it pretty much direct from the bealach below. A sketchy path gave way to steep slabs and I crawled up, focusing on the ground in front. Though I'd lost a sense of where I was for I crawled to the top of the slabs and the other side presented me with a dramatic void - cliffs fell away right beneath my hands and I became startled, quickly getting to safer ground and then onto the top.


We spent about an hour at the top that day but with the afternoon moving on, we descended. We were back at the dam at 5pm and down soon after. Nearing the bottom, I was running into the usual problems of sore feet and complained in between chats with Ross about computers and web design. We were off soon after though and now that I was exhausted, it was good to be done.

360° Panorama

The Cobbler

Written: October 2007
Significantly (and almost completely) revised: 2009-02-12