Dumgoyne - 427m
Dumfoyn - 426m

Saturday 30th July 2005

Weather/Conditions: Overcast, but generally okay weather. It was nothing special but there was minimal wind or rain so it wasn't bad at all either!
Distance/Ascent/Time: 10km / 550m / 4h 30m
Accompanying: Uncle Stephen all the way. I was with Dad, Stephen and Laura for some sections although Uncle Stephen and I were ahead a lot of the time.

I can't remember a lot of this, although here's a general run-down: We began from the monument at Strathblane and walked along the path. Somewhere along the line Uncle Stephen and I separated from Dad, Steve and Laura. Uncle Stephen and I had already reached the summit Dumgoyne by the time Steve, Laura and Dad were at the bottom of it, so I think we called them and told them we were coming down. Nutters we seemed to be, we descended by the scree at the back, which looking at in more recent times I've been there, I don't mind the bottom two thirds, I'll even go as far to say its great fun to slide on, but if you fall on the top section, then you'll fall far. We got to the bottom and we were still ahead of the others, so we climbed the side of Dumfoyn and the others followed closely behind. We reached the top, and meanwhile, I ran down to the others who were all literally exhausted. And ran back up. That was fun.

They eventually got to the top, and although they decided to call it quits, me and Uncle Stephen decided to go onto the next hill, Slackdhu. We descended down the other side of Dumfoyn to the bottom and followed the fence back up onto the plateau. (Why we did that I don't get because there's a sort of bealach connecting Dumfoyn and the plateau!) This literally exhausted us, and besides it being tough going, I stuck my foot into a stream, which got my foot wet.

We did reach the plateau though, and walked around. The clumps of grass began to hurt my ankles, with all the whacky positions I put my feet down on, and instead of going for Slackdhu's summit, we decided to call it a day. Funnily enough we descended down the steepest section on the front we possibly could have. The pay-back was that I got caught out a bit on some scree. It was a simple traverse, but all the same it was too exposed for me, so slipping was a no-goer. I threw my bag down to Uncle Stephen below who had already done it, and very very carefully crossed! It was fine though, and we just had the problem with battling through a lot of ferns to get through. We followed the river through and back out onto the private road. I can't remember how I got home, whether it was by Uncle Stephens car or mine, I really don't know. But I somehow got home. :-)

Written: 2007-10-12