Slackdhu - 496m
Dumfoyn - 426m

Dumgoyne - 427m

Friday 11th December 2009

Weather/Conditions: Beautiful clear skies once above the clouds. Miserable and grey in Strathblane when I started out but came out the top of the clouds and had great weather all day.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 9.4km / 700m / 3h 10m
Accompanying: Alone

I've written plenty about the Campsies recently, so there's not much use in going into vast detail. This walk however is well worth mentioning, if for the photographs than anything else. Temperature inversions were forecast for this weekend, so I decided to chance my luck and spend the afternoon on Slackdhu. Home was covered by fog, as was Strathblane too, but there were telltale signs on the journey out that the cloud top wasn't far above. I got walking as quickly as I could - I didn't want to miss a thing and after five minutes walking, headed up the track onto Slackdhu's slopes and up my newest route between the cliff bands. I had a great climb all the way to the summit of Slackdhu, most of all because of the beautiful scenery across Glasgow. To think the Weegies would all be waking up underneath that cloud bitching about the bad weather outside...

I spent a lot of time on Slackdhu just enjoying the day and the relatively settled weather. I spent a lot of time around the cliffs searching out routes in areas I hadn't been to before, but eventually decided to go onwards to Dumgoyne and Dumfoyn. This was well and good, except that I left myself little time to get the bus back. Once on Dumgoyne, it was a race down the hillside and back towards Blanefield. I made the distance and eventually caught the bus with time to spare.

A great day. Well worth getting out onto the hills. If anything I was glad I went to the Campsies rather than the Highlands for two reasons. 1) Seeing the Central Belt and home beneath cloud was more spectacular than seeing a couple of cloud filled glens, and 2) The Campsies were sunny, the Highlands weren't.

And two ladies at the bus stop in Blanefield gave me a good chuckle: Miserable Weather isn't it? Aye, it is... I just couldn't help but smile to myself.




360° Panorama

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 11.50am Blanefield
(0.55) 12.45pm Slackdhu
(1.55) 1.45pm Slackdhu (left)
(2.20) 2.10pm Dumfoyn
(2.30) 2.20pm Dumgoyne
(3.10) 3.00pm Blanefield

Written: 2009-12-20