Dunglas - 153m
Thursday 29th July 2010

Weather/Conditions: Beautiful evening with the sunset, usually pretty warm
Distance/Ascent/Time: 3.7km / 100m / c. 1h 40m
Accompanying: Dad

This was a pretty nice evening and the first time out in a long time to Dunglas. The sunset was shaping up to be good so dad and I headed off and headed along the public footpath to Dunglas, which had a couple of climbers clinging to the side when we arrived. I spent my time there chatting to the climbers and doing some low-level bouldering on the sport wall, and dad sat on the summit for the photography.

Although I spent a lot of time knackering my fingers on the overhanging holds, I briefly headed up to the top before returning for a bit more climbing. A couple of groups came and went while I was there and so it seems on a dry summer evening, this is a very popular crag. And rightly so. It actually offers fairly difficult climbing with emphasis on finding the holds. In other venues holds may be situated along a crack line, however at Dunglas suitable holds need to be found in among a network of cracks and grooves that cover the bolted face.

With the security of the bolts, it's hardly surprising I saw so many people arrive. I first came here alone in August 2009 alone, with no one else present and with a hell of a wind blowing through. So it was a great to finally see this place busy on a warm evening. A much different atmosphere and what I'd have expected.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 7.55pm Strathblane
(0.20) 8.15pm Dunglas
(1.10) 9.05pm Dunglas (left)
(1.40) c. 9.35pm Strathblane

Written: 2010-08-30