Slackdhu - 496m
Friday 20th August 2010

Weather/Conditions: Sunny and cumulus, some wind.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 7.2km / 400m / 2h 40m
Accompanying: Alone

Slackdhu again - got a lift out there then took it easy, listening to music all the way, The cool thing was, as I climbed the steep escarpment and rode the thrill, the climax of Marillion's Neverland (which is the climax of the album 'Marbles') came on... The summit passed by for the sixteenth time and views were fantastic as always.

The real interest however, arrived on descent - for the first time in a long time I descended into Stonen Glen, a place I hadn't been down into for a long time. I found some interesting and weird shaped rocks (especially the fourth picture). Then on the path down past Craigbrock Wood I spotted a row of crags which I've been past many, many times, and even seen. But I thought that I'd check them out for the first time. And I was very surprised to find three vertical (or near) of beautiful, sound rock. The pictures don't do the place justice, because the smooth sheets of gold rock seemed to glimmer in the sun when I was there.

It's not high enough for ropes but it looks like there's some bouldering potential, even an overhanging face to amuse. And whatever the rock type is (looks like granite, but surely not in the Campsies?), it has the advantage of being one of the only places in the Campsie Fells where you can grab a hold without the worry of the rock crumbling in your hand. It demands a revisit.

I headed along the track back to Blanefield and went to the bus stop. I forgot to check times but with one an hour (sometimes one every two or three hours...) I was risking a long wait. Though if the day hadn't been great already, I arrived at the bus stop with just a couple minutes to wait. Perfect timing!

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 3.20pm Blanefield
(1.20) 4.40pm Slackdhu
(2.40) 6.00pm Blanefield

Written: 2010-08-23