Kasprowy Wierch - 1987m
Friday 10th September 2010

Weather/Conditions: Misty, with snow at the top. Walked down as the rain came on.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 9.1km / 100m / 6h 45m
Accompanying: Iain Alcock, Dougie Blyth, Colin Delorey, Craig Pounder, Ian Rooney, James Steele

Following two big days in the Western Tatras, the 10th was a rest day, of some sorts. But once again the weather wasn't looking great so the plan was drawn up as such: take the cable car to the top of Kasprowy Wierch (1987m), get something to eat and descend the mountain on foot, going to Zakopane for the night.

The day started out well with bright sunshine coming through the windows as we ate breakfast. But as we got on the move, finally leaving the Kalatowki Hotel, the weather turned for the worst and we wasted a lot of time waiting in the cable car queue. We could have walked up the mountain quicker but when we finally got on board, it was a quick scoot above the forests and into the clouds, changing at a mid-station then enjoying the final leg to the top.

You wouldn't think the top station was on top of a mountain - but I suppose it's the same with anywhere as on Aonach Mor or Cairngorm in Scotland. We stopped for something to eat and I made my way through a huge and great tasting pizza. But when finished, Dougie and I went up to the top of the hill (may as well do the summit!) then the seven of us began heading down the trail towards the valley.

It started out misty and no more, with wet snow covering a good path. But on the way down the weather was declining. We stopped by the Murowaniec Hut half way down the hill for some drinks and when we left the rain was on and continued to do so. I find these sort of conditions frustrating and Craig and I ran big sections, much to the surprise of others on the hill. Anything to break up the slog!

And then with rain chucking it down we descended into Dolina Jaworzynka, the valley leading back to our start point. And when we finally arrived back at the road, we jumped into a bus full of soaking walkers and got a lift into Zakopane, checking into Hostel Flamingo before going out in the evening for drinks and a big buffet-meat fest.

Kalatowki Hotel

Kasprowy Wierch cable car

Kasprowy Wierch



Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 9.45am Kalatowki Hotel
(1.50) 11.35am Cable car bottom (Kuznice)
(2.05) 11.50am Cable car top station (arrived)
(3.00) 12.45pm Cable car top station (left)
(3.10) 12.55pm Kasprowy Wierch
(6.45) c. 4.30pm Kuznice

Written: 2010-11-11