Dumgoyne - 427m
Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Weather/Conditions: Great, clear evening weather. Really enjoyable conditions.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 3.6km / 400m / 55m
Accompanying: Alone

Dumgoyne has become my spur-of-the-moment hill. This day was no exception. I hadn't actually planned to go up Dumgoyne, but I was out in the car with camera in hand and stopped by. How quickly could I get up? Well - pretty quick again - 25 minutes this time, distillery to summit. There seems to be no breaking that 20 minute barrier for me, though...

This was also the last day of autumn in a sense, in that the next morning the first of the winter storms arrived. I watched the sunset with a profound feeling that the good weather for the year really was over. Then we would be into the dark months. I also got talking to a woman on the summit who had arrived with her dog. On a hill full of sheep, I asked her if she had to do anything specific to take a dog among sheep (I know very little about these things). It also turned out that she recognised me from the Glasgow Climbing Centre which is very possible because I'd often been going there a few times a week. I'm afraid to say didn't remember her face although I think I covered it up well enough!

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 3.15pm Glengoyne
(0.25) 3.40pm Dumgoyne
(0.55) 4.10pm Glengoyne

Written: 2012-02-16