Dunagoil - 35m
Thursday 19th July 2012

Weather/Conditions: Nice day, calm, a little sun, some high cloud.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 2.2km / 100m / 2h 20m
Accompanying: Dad

Dunagoil is a great little top that I first visited in 2011 as part of my (slightly ridiculous) Bute 30m Tops trip. That trip was a great way to find all the corners of Bute, and Dunagoil was a surprise find. It is 35m high, sits right beside the sea and doesn't identify as a hill in character in any way. Nonetheless, it was on the 2011 list and I made sure to return the following summer.

This entire corner of Bute has got some character. It's a quirky place with all it's hollows, knolls and inlets - you can see the volcanic basalt overlying the Old Red Sandstone by the water beneath the Dun. I've also looked at the cliffs of Dunagoil and thought there's a route or two in there, perhaps coming out of the caves. The rock is a little bit brittle and breakable, and in many respects it reminds me of Dunglas or Dumbarton.

This southern corner of Bute I grew very fond of. It's where the peace and remoteness is to be found. Surprisingly the north of the island didn't do that for me so much. I often think of Bute as one of the few Lowland Scottish islands, but this corner, like the solitude it retains has kept it's Gaelic names, if only on the map.

I don't recall exact times we did this walk, nor did I record them. Dad and I headed out for a short morning, and the nature of this was more in it's exploration and clambering around than as any real hill walk.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
c. 12.30pm to 2.50pm

Written: 2015-08-05