Dumgoyne - 427m
Auchineden Hill - 357m

Monday 31st December 2012

Weather/Conditions: Pretty "rubbish" (fun!) conditions - lots of wind and rain - waterlogged hills. The summit of Dumgoyne felt really wild (rather Munro like) with intense high winds.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 7.4km / 570m / 1h + 55m
Accompanying: Alone

This was a day I did primarily for the purposes of summit ticking. I was keen to match my 2011 annual summit total of 132 - and on the morning of the 31st December I was sitting at 130. So that was the prime motivation. It was Hogmanay, of course, outside the weather was rubbish, but I went for it anyway.

In reality it was really fun. The weather on Dumgoyne was especially bad with high winds on top. But it was a non-committal kind of morning so bad conditions were to be enjoyed.

As soon as I got off Dumgoyne, I drove straight around to the Queen's View car park and set off. It was funny being on Auchineden Hill - I probably wouldn't have done so if I were ticking the summits. But it was nice. Auchineden's summit was especially boggy, and it's bad at the best of times. But the rain had cleared, giving me a 360 panorama which I think the first since I've been going up this hill.

On Auchineden I'd also reached 132 - and thus I was happy to start the new year back at zero!

360° Panorama

Auchineden Hill
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 10.10am Arnisdale
(0.35) 10.45am Beinn
(1.00) 11.10am Arnisdale

(0.00) 11.30am Arnisdale
(0.25) 11.55am Beinn
(0.55) 12.25pm Arnisdale

Written: 2015-08-08