Ben More (Mull) - 966m
Thursday 2nd May 2013

Weather/Conditions: Conditions were okay on Ben More, summit was wintry and misty - no views. On the way down, huge gusts came from behind bringing snow and hail. Wind was kicking up along the shore at the start of the cycle, things were very grey in Salen then for the leg to Craignure the heaven's opened - soaking wet.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 38.6km / 1150m / 4h 05m + cycle
Accompanying: Dougie, Liam and Neil on the hill, dad driving

So that's it - first day over and done with. Dad and I drove up to Mull yesterday afternoon and you may have seen the pictures.

It was an absolute perfect day, deep blue skies. Liam and Neil joined us and Doug from the mountaineering club came along too, to see me up my first hill and back on the bike to Craignure.

Mull was glistening yellow and gold last night, and we thought about doing Ben More there and then. But it was getting late so a night of chill out and photography was on order instead.

We were up early for Ben More, away at 7:30am. Dougie, Neil, Liam and myself. Conditions were okay and it was a good pull up to the top. An early start was to get the hill before the front arrived, which worked out. The summit was wintry and misty - no views.

We turned to go down and huge gusts came from behind bringing snow and hail. Still, a great first hill - felt really easy and took just under 5 hours. Almost like I levitated up and back down again, which is a good sign for the future.

The cycle was a different story. Soaking wet. Dougie was with me on that bit but I didn't really seem to notice the rain. Legs felt really heavy (not a cyclist!), and I'd say it was actually tougher than the hill. Knackered when I got back to Craignure pier.

At Craignure pier just now waiting for the boat back. Might go for a cup of tea. Rain is drumming down non stop. So, dried out and feeling good. Ben Cruachan is for tomorrow (after a cycle) and looking forward to some good weather soon??

Quite a thought that its 1/282 done. This is lots of effort for one hill. (a great hill too, but it would have been great to get the Hebridean views). Should speed up back on the mainland. On the summit of the hill, I thought about how the upcoming days and weeks are nothing more than a dull pressure in the background. Not really an issue. 40ish kms done already, and ready for more tomorrow... Even though its looking like a washout!

May 1st - travelling

May 2nd: Ben More

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