Creag Mhor - 1047m
Beinn Sheasgarnich - 1078m

Friday 17th May 2013

Weather/Conditions: A truly great day, cool air, warm sun, a brilliant crystal-clear views the width and breadth of Scotland. It helped I was in a great mood, but a truly fantastic day in all senses.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 23.7km / 1380m / 7h 40m
Accompanying: Alone

The morning following the Orchy five, I awoke above the shores of Loch Lyon to a hot sun beaming through the tent and a vast blue sky. Waters lapped below - I felt like I was on a foreign holiday. Only difference being, I was the only person here, completely alone. Loch Lyon was doubled in length when the dam was built (it used to end at the outflow of Allt Meran), and the glen I was looking down once hosted no loch at all. Now the glen is filled from side to side by water, and it was strange to know that what seems so permanent was once so different.

I'd broke through some mental barrier the day before, so my mood was of bliss and quiet content. After a relaxed breakfast, I strolled to the top of Creag Mhor, the Munro that took such little effort it was almost unbelievable. For a moment, three fighter jets pierced the silence. The sun was out. I was on a roll.

I dropped the bag off for Beinn Heasgarnich, as I had done for every summit so far. It's a big hill, and another I've always had a fondness for. It's strange that although it should be a horrible hill (peat hags and bog everywhere), I love it's embracing arms and seclusion. It is the "peaceful/sheltering hill" in Gaelic and this quite sums up the way I feel about it. At the summit, I made phone calls just to share my electric mood. If the previous day had been a psychological nightmare, today was the release.

All of Scotland was in view, from the Southern Uplands to the North West; Fife to Jura. All was crystal clear. Best of all, as I walked down Heasgarnich, I bumped into Pauline, Ron and Mark from Walk Highlands. We had a chat. They offered to buy me dinner in Killin, my eyes must have lit up! So they headed over the top of the hill, while I headed down, and we agreed to meet up at the Glen Lochay car park.

We all headed back to Killin, and got a meal (thanks guys!) from the Falls of Dochart Inn - and the Inn were even kind enough to let me camp behind their car park - very kind people. I'm not much of a pub guy in general, but I have a love for this place. I settled in for the night, and on a high.

360° Panoramas

Creag Mhor

Beinn Sheasgarnich

Beinn Sheasgarnich - 180° North

Beinn Sheasgarnich - 180° South
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 10.10am Left Loch Lyon campsite
(1.45) 11.55am Creag Mhor
(3.32) 1.42pm Beinn Sheasgarnich
(6.10) 4.20pm Glen Lochay track
(7.40) 5.50pm Kenknock
Waited at Kenknock for Pauline, Ron and Mark, then
walked with them to the lower car park in Glen Lochay.
I didn't record the time for finishing the day's distance there.
Uploaded: 2018-10-14