Carn Mairg hills & Schiehallion
Saturday 25th May 2013

Weather/Conditions: Another perfect day.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 24.2km / 2020m / 9h 05m
Accompanying: Alone

Another fantastic day. Will have to make this another quick one as I'll have to get to sleep. I've got Bidean nam Bian to look forward to tomorrow!

Dad and I woke up from our Glen Lyon camp to pure blue skies, and the weather held all day. I had the pleasure of doing the Carn Mairg round in the company of Karl, and after a quick trip to Kenmore to get supplies, we set off up Carn Gorm at 9:30am.

Today really defied words - more enormous blue skies that shrunk every mountain in their presence. The round went very smoothly. Each Munro linked onto the next with just a gradual descent and reascent. There were also many people out on the hill today, one of the only days on my round so far that's had a big social atmosphere. It was also great to meet Stuart and company on Carn Gorm. Stuart's been following my round so far; thanks a lot for the photos!

Karl and I headed around Meall Garbh to Carn Mairg and then to Meall na Aighean. It was here that we parted. I went north to Schiehallion, while Karl headed back down to Glen Lyon. Schiehallion was a bit harder than I expected, but I put the head down and quietly made progress with one eye on the watch: dad and I had arranged to meet at the Schiehallion car park for 6pm.

Frustrating, clawing heather in Glen More gave way to stone higher up, and I climbed Schiehallion on big blocks of scree. I hadn't been up this hill in a long time, and when I finally got onto the ridge, I'd forgotten what an amazing boulder-hop it was across the mountain spine. In my opinion it's one of the mountains with most personality in the Southern Highlands.

I got to the summit later than hoped, but a high-speed boulder hop took me down the main path, and onto the track to the car park. As had been all day, the sun was out. The evening was beautiful and cooling down at last. Dad met me a few hundred metres up the track and we walked back together, with the Cairngorms snow-covered and shining, an island on their own. All mountains for the coming weeks.

Tomorrow, I head up to Glen Coe to finish the last of my mountains before May is out. Monday looks like it'll be challenging for weather but I'll just try and brave it out and hopefully make all the right logistical choices (it would be frustrating to go into June with any southern hills left unclimbed!).

The last two days have been absolutely excellent, in every way. I'd love to get pics up at the moment, but must. go. to. bed.


Carn Gorm 360°

Meall Garbh 360°

Carn Mairg 360°

Carn Mairg - 180° North

Carn Mairg - 180° South

Meall na Aighean 360°

Schiehallion 360°

Schiehallion - 180° North

Schiehallion - 180° South
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 9.35am Invervar
(1.50) 11.25am Carn Gorm
(2.40) 12.15pm Meall Garbh
(3.50) 1.25pm Carn Mairg
(5.00) 2.35pm Meall na Aighean
(6.10) 3.45pm Allt Creag a' Mhadaidh
(7.50) 5.25pm Schiehallion
(9.05) 6.40pm Braes of Foss
Uploaded: 2018-10-22