Beinn Each - 813m
Saturday 28th December 2013

Weather/Conditions: Good winter conditions, though not necessarily hostile. A short day, so no issues with daylight either.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 7.3km / 700m / 3h 25m
Accompanying: Struan

This was a short winter day out. Struan and I were still checking the Corbetts out, seeing some new hills we both hadn't been to. The advantage of starting a new list is there are hills to be climbed that are (shock horror) close to home! What a luxury. My bank account was almost driven to tears the year previously, because of me driving to the far end of the earth in search of new Munros.

We met in Callander, then took one car up to Loch Lubnaig. We parked up at the foot of a track that leads into Glen Ample - which eventually turns into Loch Earn. Forestry tracks led up through the trees, then into the open glen. We turned off the track, then wove up through crags pas the snow line and on top. It was a wild day, with monochrome views west to the hills of Balquhidder, but views to the highest summits obliterated by mist.

Ben Vorlich and Stuc a' Chroin are close by. It would of course be natural to continue onto them, but today we intended just Beinn Each. We'd considered Sgiath a' Chaise, but in the event of landing back in the glen, we opted instead for a descent back to the car.

I don't remember a huge amount of this day. It was for certain a "low key" day, and we were up and down in a reasonably short time. I was also not too fussed about having a huge day out, still wondering if I was into the sub3000ers enough to make a habit of ticking them all off. It was nice however to see a new Corbett in an area that is also so accessible from home.

360° Panorama

Beinn Each
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 10.05am Layby, Loch Lubnaig
(1.55) 12.00pm Beinn Each
(3.25) 1.30pm Layby, Loch Lubnaig
Written: 2015-11-11