Cruach Tairbeirt - 415m
Saturday 15th March 2014

Weather/Conditions: Some pretty wild conditions, especially on top with blowing snow, and all the mountains around about blotted out by showers. But not a washout of a day by any means, and pleasant in the forest.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 3.4km / 400m / 3h 05m
Accompanying: Tom G

This was a nice trip to the forests of Cruach Tairbeirt. I went up this once a few years ago and really enjoyed it. This time, I was taking Tom - we decided not to go to a higher hill in part because Cruach Tairbeirt gives a relatively sheltered ascent, but it was also mid-afternoon when we started out. It was looking like a washout at the beginning, but the mature trees of the forest gave a lot of shelter. Out on the open slopes, snow showers blasted by, and the far side of Loch Lomond could only just be made out. Once up to the trig, we went back the way we came.

Afterward, Tom and I went to the Drovers for some food, then home.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(2.00) c. 2.00pm Tarbert
(2.00) 4.05pm Cruach Tairbeirt
(3.35) 5.05pm Tarbert

Written: 2015-11-13