The Cobbler - 884m
The Cobbler North Peak - 870m
Beinn Ime - 1011m
Beinn Narnain - 926m

Tuesday 27th May 2014

Weather/Conditions: Nice spring conditions on the hills.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 14km / 1700m / 7h 45m
Accompanying: Rory

This day came about because Rory suggested climbing some hills. We did it as a loop from the Arrochar car park, first up the Cobbler. I stopped by the Narnain boulders for the front pockets (font 6A) and also Crucifix (font 6B) which was a really nice bit of climbing. I brought shoes and chalk along in anticipation for this, but no mat of course. Once I stuck the crux move, it was top out or fall hard! Happily, I topped out on the boulder with masses of reserve - there are a couple of really good pockets at the top. We headed onto the summit of the Cobbler, and up the pinnacle. Rory seemed to be game for more, so we added in Beinn Ime, and then Narnain as well.

I've been on these hills a lot, so time as erased some of the details of the day. But it was all pretty comfortable terrain and weather conditions. The mind forgets the mundane. One of the best bits of the day was descending down by the Spearhead on Narnain, direct to the Arrochar car park, belting down the steep erosion track, trying to outrun each other.

Back at the car, I drove us back to Glasgow, dropping Rory off home first.

350° Panorama

The Cobbler
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) c. 9.00am Arrochar parking
(1.55) 10.55am The Cobbler
(4.15) 1.15pm Beinn Ime
(6.15) 3.15pm Beinn Narnain
(7.45) 4.45pm Arrochar parking

Written: 2016-03-27