Todun - 528m
Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Weather/Conditions: Awesome weather generally - a bit hazy for distant views, also very windy. But sometimes better cold than too hot, as the following day (scorcher) would prove :-)
Distance/Ascent/Time: 2.6km / 380m / 1h
Accompanying: Alone

Like Ceapabhal the previous day, I went straight for another of the amazing-and-small Harris hills; this time Todun.

Todun is a prominent hill when you round the bend on the main road to Tarbet, and seems a counterpart to Caiteseal on the other side. The two couldn't be more different either in terms of access. Short of taking a boat, Caisteal can be reached over land via. a trackless 14km march (and same again back to the road!). The summit of Todun is a mere 850 metres (horizontal) from the road. And this is (shamelessly ;-) ) how I climbed it. I parked up by Loch Beag, and went up the south ridge on a hazy morning with wind blasting over the summit. The south ridge forms into an impressive little arête, scoring skyward straight to the top.

I was up and down in an hour, which included ten minutes on top. But if the Reinigeadal road hadn't been built, I might have had a few more kilometres on my plate. Todun was one of the first in a long line of Harris hills I'd climb across this (and the following) summer. With the big four (Cliseam, etc...) out the way, I started to search out the obscure corners, or quirky summits on these islands.

On Todun my day was still early, and I'd continue driving between the hills, nipping out and climbing them as fast but I would find a fire of motivation that afternoon for the hills that had been lacking as of late - the desire to climb as much as possible, push the boat out a little, and cram as much in as possible. Motivation reaches a critical threshold, beyond which all movement is easier, the hills feel smaller, and possibilities open up by the ton. This is a desirable state to find, and I'll remember the day that came for that sense as much as the hills themselves.

Following my quick Todun dash, I'd then go for Roineabhal - and many more thereafter.


Todun 360°

Todun - 160° NE - Pairc detail
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 2.04pm Parking, Loch Beag
(0.31) 2.35pm Todun
(0.43) 2.47pm Todun (left)
(1.00) 3.04pm Parking, Loch Beag
Written: 2016-09-12