Sgurr an Airgid - 841m
Friday 17th April 2015

Weather/Conditions: More amazing weather.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 3.5km / 830m / 2h 05m
Accompanying: Alone

Sgurr an Airgid sits high above the head of Loch Duich. It’s a conspicuous and steep hill, like so many of the Kintail peaks utterly roadside, rising ceaselessly for just over 800 vertical metres. At its foot nestles Clachan Duich, the MacRae burial grounds, and across the loch are the Five Sisters, or as Sorley MacLean pointed out, A' Bheinn Mhòr.

The hill is also a culmination of miles of rambling upland to it’s the north, though you would not know it. Most of the land between Loch Duich and Glen Elchaig lies well out of sight of the road, but in spite of these curious and empty miles, I chose the quickest and easiest way to climb Sgurr an Airgid: straight up the front face, and back down the way I came. It never feels quite right to do this, but on another level I enjoy these 'drive-bys'. There are many tops and hidden lochs behind this mountain, so perhaps I'll go back some time. for a further look.

As I climbed that long southern slope, I didn't have much sense at all of making progress, so I just kept plodding on to the ever-reticent summit. But the views made it obvious I was climbing some height. Opposite, the Sisters all pulled into view, and below Loch Duich was painted in beautiful tones and shades.

The summit was a hell of a viewpoint too; I was glad I got it on a day like this. Out west the Cuillin are like a barrier to the western ocean. The Knoydart peaks deceive with their proximity, and to the north was my weekend's hills; those of Torridon and Coulin.

As though things weren’t already tremendous, the day continued to mature. In the evening, Struan and I took a trip down the Diabaig road. I went for a look at the Inveralligin sea cliffs, but it was the scenery that caught me; the hills turned shades of orange and pink like I’ve rarely seen, Struan and I quiet witness to it all. Just incredible, and it was only up from there.


Sgurr an Airgid 360°

Loch Duich


Torridon & Coulin
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 1.30pm Clachan Duich
(1.15) 2.45pm Sgurr an Airgid
(2.05) 3.35pm Clachan Duich
Written: 2017-12-13