Na Gruagaichean - 1056m
Thursday 14th January 2016

Weather/Conditions: Heavy snow, high winds, sun out
Distance/Ascent/Time: 7.4km / 900m / 6h
Accompanying: James and Kev

A day out with Kev and James is always a fun day - always a laugh. We were staying a the MacDonald at Kinlochleven, and with the Mamores near to hand headed for one of the more accessible summits, Na Gruagaichean.

Conditions had become heavy, and in the preceding days the hills had become plastered in powder. It was a beautiful day on Na Gruagaichean, but add high winds and dry snow in to the mix, and the summit ridge was an impressive place of blowing snow trailing off the ridge like smoke.

There was something spooky about the snow pack as well. At the summit we decided against going any further as safe retrest would be back over the summit of Na Grugaichean, and descent into the coires seemed to be asking for trouble. Perhaps our thoughts weren't entirely unfounded for Glen Coe saw a tragedy just a couple of days later.

Anyway, heading down the way we came was the right call - a short day for knackering trail-breaking conditions. Great as always to be out on the hills with the guys.

360° Panorama

Na Gruagaichean
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 10.30am Mamore Lodge
(3.30) 2.00pm Na Gruagaichean
(6.00) 4.30pm Mamore Lodge
Written: 2018-10-02