The Cobbler - 884m
The Cobbler South Peak - 858m

Monday 1st August 2016

Weather/Conditions: Utterly beautiful evneing, maturing into an orange sunset.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 5.6km / 850m / 2h 49m
Accompanying: Alone up and down, meeting Mark, Kieran, Euan.. on the summit

This aftenoon came about as a result of Kieran Duncan putting out a shout about filming on the Cobbler. He was filming for Wild About Argyll, and the forecast was set to make it a stunning evening.

So I drove up from Glasgow, and somewhat charged out the car parking, up the side of the burn and onto the flank of the Cobbler. He'd mentioned a meeting time of 7.30pm or so, which gave 55 minutes to the summit. Woops - not as much time as I'd meant to give.

It's quite hard-going up the side of the Cobbler with no track, but I made it to the summit in 55 minutes; bang on schedule. There were few people to be seen, but alone on the summit was Mark Beaumont, the face of the campaign. I cut his Africa Solo film earlier in the year so the day was a chance to meet again and climb a mountain while at it.

The guys filming took slightly longer, coming up the east ridge past the South Peak. They did their filming on the summit while I disappeared off to scramble up the South Peak. Compared to previous times, this felt pretty easy and I was on the top in no time. Nor did the South Peak feel especially large. I jumped out onto the little projecting rock on the edge and looked down North Wall Groove - the exposure didn't register whatsoever (in my case this was definitely 100% learned!) and I thought it looked pretty reasonable all in all.

But the guys shouted across that they were getting on in time. So I headed back. Mark twigged they hadn't shot any of me for all the effort of asking me to come. So I did a quick climbing bit on the summit pinnacle which ended up in the Skerryvore Live Forever video. (01.46 - I'm more than a little bit pleased about that!)

We ended up parting ways and I headed west off the hill myself. So fast paced as it was, I remember very little of the descent and I was back at the car 21 minutes after leaving the top. 21 minutes of intense concentration on rough ground and a good time to show for it - brilliant. I high-tailed it to Arrochar, missed the chippy closing time by minutes and headed home.

360° Panorama

The Cobbler (8.52pm)
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 6.35pm Glen Croe
(0.55) 7.30pm The Cobbler
(1.43) 8.18pm The Cobbler South Peak
(2.28) 9.03pm Leaving Cobbler
(2.49) 9.24pm Garbat parking

Written: 2017-08-23