Beinn Chaluim South Top - 998m
Beinn Chaluim - 1025m

Saturday 8th October 2016

Weather/Conditions: Bit overcast with sun breaking out on the summit and for descent. Gentle weather, nice morning
Distance/Ascent/Time: 11.8km / 1000m / 5h 30m
Accompanying: Alasdair's Munro completion

Some time previously, I got an invite through Facebook about Alasdair's upcoming final Munro. While there was the small issue of a StillMarillion show in Dundee that night I figured that with careful timing I could do the two together without issue.

In the morning I drove up alone to Crianlarich, a car full of drums and a cover to keep them out of sight! The car parking was essentially full, so I squeezed into a small corner (sometimes I love having a small car) and set off at a lick.

I caught everybody just across the glen and on their way up the lower slopes. I was obviously just a little late. I met Keith first, who was walking at the back with Samuel, and bumped into a good few other known faces in the group too.

The morning was gently overcast with mist on the higher hills. It started to clear some time around about the summit, but until the top it was all in the balance; I took a South Top panorama just in case everything closed in.

But today was the day. On the summit, the sun came out, I got my panorama (a first) and Alasdair reached the top thereby finishing his Munros. It had been a while since I was at a completion party. They are a lot of fun and it was lovely to be along.

But I had a schedule to keep, so after some drink and lunch with everyone on the ridge, I headed off at a jog back to the car. I even made StillMarillion in time!

360° Panoramas

Beinn Chaluim (at last!)
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 9.05am A82 layby
(3.05) 12.15pm Beinn Chaluim South Top
(3.45) 12.50pm Beinn Chaluim
(5.30) 2.35pm A82 layby

Written: 2017-08-18