Ben Lomond - 974m
Monday 24th October 2016

Weather/Conditions: Reasonable at the beginning at the end - but for the 2/3s period in the middle, we walked right through a sh*ter of a weather front, so persistently wet, no views and a bit cold!
Distance/Ascent/Time: 12km / 970m / c. 5/6h
Accompanying: Steve and Luke

This Ben Lomond was intentionally done as a pre-wedding climb. My brother Steve got married a few days later, and we set aside this to go for a walk up the big hill, and to get the now classic picture from the stone by the summit.

Unfortunately (but as is so often the case) the timing of the weather fronts was such that the rain started shortly after beginning, and ended shortly before finishing! I didn't mind too much with new waterproofs in hand, but I don't know if Steve and Luke were so enamoured by the drenching...

Anyway, a fine, if low-key day on the hill. Some good views at either end of the day, but the entirety of the way to the summit and down was a real 'pea-souper'!

Unfortunately my hard drive kicked the bucket a short while later, thus I lost my (limited!) photos - and times. Thus the photos below are Luke's.

Written: 2016-11-11