Beinn Resipol
Friday 31st March 2017

Weather/Conditions: Wet and misty. But not as bad as it would have been if we'd done Garbh Bheinn, where the rain was torrential.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 11.1km / 900m / 3h 45m
Accompanying: Tom Lawfield

It was some of Tom's last days in Fort William, and having abandoned hope of winter conditions, we changed tack and planned an easy rock route. The route of the day was Garbh Bheinn's Great Ridge, a route I'd never climbed on a mountain I'd never climbed! Those are becoming rare... I'd almost say Garbh Bheinn is one of the biggest in Scotland I've still to climb.

But the weather, as ever, had other ideas, and we took the Corran Ferry across to Ardgour. I'd checked on the rain radar prior to leaving and saw that a weather front was hitting Ardgour especially badly. Garbh Bheinn was at the focal point of the downpour, but still we headed in hope.

Having parked up under the hill, we sat in the car for 20 minutes, no one wanting to make a move. We got kit on, but then stood under the car boot with the rain drumming down. To add to this pretty vile weather, the Great Ridge is known for being hard to locate, a bit adventurous, with some route finding. It didn't really feel like the day for it.

We changed tact - why not go for the coast? Where the rain might have eased. So we drove west, to find that by the time we'd parked at the foot of Beinn Resipol the rain had eased back from torrential.

And so it was Beinn Resipol that we climbed. Not a lot can be said about the hill itself, for we saw very little. I'd say in comparison to forcing the Great Ridge on a day like today, it was quite pleasant. We just took a walk up the track from Resipole campsite, to the summit, and down the way we came.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 11.15am Resipole
(2.25) 1.40pm Beinn Resipol
(3.45) 3.00pm Resipole

Written: 2017-08-01