The Keep (E1) & Siege Engine (E7)
The Fortress, Binnein Shuas

Wednesday 31st May 2017

Weather/Conditions: Totally stunning!
Distance/Ascent/Time: 12.9km / 600m / c. 7h

Accompanying: Dave MacLeod

For more, see Dave MacLeod's blog

Afternoon of climbing with Dave - he was heading up to go at Siege Engine, but limited for time and needing to be in Roybridge at half 5. We powered out to the crag on a stunning day, set up the ropes and abseiled down to the base. I led out up The Keep in one pitch, finishing at our anchor on the crag lip. Dave then led Siege Engine, not clean this time (he did it a few days later) which I then seconded. I got mid-way along the travering seam cleanly, before terminally pumping out. From there onward it was all a bit comedic, with rubbish goes at crux moves, pumped silly, pinging into space and weighed down by a whole rack of gear. It was a lot of fun, and good to get on a substantial E7 and feel out the moves: not as bad as I'd have expected by far! But seriously pumpy, that's for sure.

I abbed to the bottom, packed up at the base of the crag, and Dave tidied up at the top. We met again at the top of the gully (for me) then absolutely high-tailed it - full throttle - back to Roybridge. Brilliant stuff, and a crag I should really get back to.

Written: 2017-09-06