Meall Bhanbhaidh - 327m
Tuesday 30th October 2018

Weather/Conditions: Great evening. Getting colder.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 2.1km / 280m / 41m
Accompanying: Alone

Nice day out today. I've been knocked out with the cold for about two weeks, but after days in bed, it seemed to lift last night: at last! It's amazing how unusual it feels just to feel good and not have that sitting on you all the time.

This morning I felt a lot better - as soon as I got up I knew. Seb and Jamie mentioned they were going to Sky Pilot. Once there I found I bouldered quite well. The power was there and I got through moves with nice technique. Only on longer links I couldn't sustain the effort. Still, a good session and a lot of links made.

I headed to the Fort and got a quick bite before going to Banavie. I parked up on the roadside by someone's farm gate, which I wasn't 100% comfortable with.

I set off in the afternoon sun rapidly going down - behind me Nevis and the Aonachs were white with cloud rolling over Aonach Mor's plateau. It was great to be moving again, and though I was a bit tired, it wasn't bad. I was miles better than I'd been even in the morning. Up to the summit, I took five or ten minutes to shoot the summit panorama and just enjoy the light. It felt like it's been a while. I've certainly been rather out the loop of hillwalking of late. Skye was five weeks of very little, and October has really fallen flat on it's face.

So it was nice to stand on top of a wee hill again and feel the wind and sun out there. It makes me realise how much I get out of the conditions, how much I enjoy the wind and watching the warm light cast on the hills. I dashed down to the car in eight minutes. A bit mental, but a good time. And I had great feelings back at the car of wholeness, of everything fitting together. It's good to feel this again. Being on a hill can make you feel the world stitching itself together again. What a strange sensation; so subtle, yet profound.

360° Panorama

Meall Bhanbhaidh

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 3.00pm Parking, B8004
(0.25) 3.25pm Meall Bhanbhaidh
(0.33) 3.33pm Meall Bhanbhaidh (left)
(0.41) 3.41pm Parking, B8004

Written: 2018-11-28