Moruisg - 928m
Wednesday 9th January 2019

Weather/Conditions: Misty and warm (for January!) on the way in. More like autumn. Got to the shelter in last light, then up Moruisg in drizzle and darkness. A gusty wind on top which made it seem even more wet. No Moon but not entirely dark either: a bit of light from somewhere.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 16.9km / 930m / 4h 10m
Accompanying: Alone

After Lochnagar, I took a couple days off the hills and spent my time on Sleat. I felt a little out of energy with this clinging cold. The sunrise of the 9th was one of the best I've seen in a long time. A front was pushing in from the west, with the rising sun shining back through this. I have to say having spent a lot of time on Sleat now, it is brilliant for sunrises. But that incoming weather front would push mist and drizzle in throughout the day.

After my relaxed couple of days, I made a plan for Monar: I spent the morning packing, then went for lunch to Eilean Iarmain with dad and Kate. Packed, fuelled and ready to go, I headed through Kyle and up Glen Carron as the drizzle set in once again. The main objective was to cycle and walk into Glenuaig, but I was almost totally sure I'd do Moruisg in the evening, too.

I must have pushed the bike most of the way up the track out of Craig. Some folk were felling the forestryhere: interesting to see, but I never got close for a good look. It was hard work getting the bike and rucksack up the hill, but the benefit would be felt entirely on the return journey the following day.

I left the bike at the elbow in the glen. The afternoon gloom came on and mist swirled around the peaks. But I was surprised almost to see to the top of Sgurr Choinnich. I recognised its shape. It didn't seem far away at all. Again, since I first came I've matured and these hills don't seem quite as starkly wild as they did. I know what to expect now. Going on foot to the shelter, I watched the darkness close in around the hills. How nice to be back again, I thought.

As hoped, no one was at the shelter, but it's looking a bit sorrier for itself than before. I blocked up a hole in the door with piping that was lying outside. A further hole in the door was blocked with a folded compost bag! Neither the light, nor heating was working. So it was just me with my candles and my stove. I made a brew and sat on Viewranger, before deciding to go for Moruisg sooner rather than later.

I packed and headed out into the darkness and drizzle, bound for a hilltop as yet out of sight and far above. I picked up a stalking track rising steeply above Glenuaig Lodge, which zigzagged back and forth. Lower down, it was very wide but grassed over. Higher up it thinned to stone and moss, more like a normal track. Doubtless it’s not well-used now. But it carried me up to the sweeping, boggy summit slopes of Moruisg. And I headed off on vague compass bearings into the darkness. It all worked well, and I headed straight for the top, walking for what felt like a long time.

I came over the top to find one small cairn, then another some distance beyond. The mapping has the high point lying in between, so who knows really. Memory told me there was a much bigger cairn, but memory obviously deceives. I stood on top with 4G (it was only here and the northern flank of Maoile that I'd get any), getting cold and writing on Facebook. After spending far too long doing that I headed down.

A bit of sloppy nav (wavering) got me easily to the top of the track, then quickly down again. From the shelter I went out once more to get water. The evening meal was chilli con carne with nan bread ripped up and stirred into the pot. Tasty, easy to cook and accompanied by cups of tea. The mice had shit on my sleeping bag while I was out, so I hung the food up and slept on the top bunk instead, falling asleep warm, full and comfortable with some music from the phone. It was great.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 3.13pm Craig
(1.50) 5.03pm Shelter

(0.00) 6.17pm Shelter
(1.11) 7.28pm Moruisg
(1.32) 7.49pm Moruisg (left)
(2.20) 8.37pm Shelter
Written: 2019-01-14