Film & TV

I also work in broadcast and corporate editing and shooting. From time to time, I do graphics, animation and photography as and where required.

I've worked for CBBC, BBC Alba and STV Glasgow, as well as in adventure documentary, corporate commercials and virtual reality.

For business enquiries, drop me an email.


In 2013, I walked around all Scotland's Munros in three months. It was a great summer, it was hard, I learned a lot. I made this film, which now lives on Youtube. I also did an accompanying 1-hour documentary with BBC Alba, transmitted in 2014 and 2015. Climbing all of the Munros in one summer was my first huge long-term project. It consumed a period of three years, from first inception to the broadcast of the Alba documentary! A massive amount changed in three years, which is as good reason as any to keep long term goals burning on.

Dave MacLeod: The 24/8

This was simply one of the coolest projects I've been involved with. "I can't believe it!" were Dave's words on the summit at the end of the 24/8. They might equally apply to making this film. I spent nearly three months making this film and had a blast. Just filming it in the first place was a logistical mountain, with all the right cameras, mics and lights to be in the right place at the right time. Then to follow Dave carrying all that plus walking gear, winter gear, then food and water on top. Walking 40-odd kilometres on the most perfect winter day, witnessing some of the most impressive climbing I can remember, then over the Munros by night to get back to civilisation in the following dawn twilight.

Mark Beaumont: Africa Solo (Excerpt)

Here's a short excerpt from Mark Beaumont's record-breaking ride down the length of Africa. I edited this into a 15-minute film, as well as several short videos for the accompanying speaking tour. Jobs like this are fantastic as you learn so much about a culture and a place. By the time I'd edited this film, I felt I had a pretty good idea of the landscape, culture and people of the various African countries, their contrasts and similarities. Historically, Africa was of course criminally screwed up by the Europeans. The repercussions echo down the centuries unfortunately and Africa only makes the news when there is civil unrest, famine or war. Whether it was intentional or not by Mark, the footage here dives into the Africa we tend not to be exposed to; for sure, a place I would like to visit in person one day.

Glen Lochay

Located near Killin in the Southern Highlands, Glen Lochay was always familiar to me through my travels across Scotland. By 2013, I'd already noted the stands of new woodland growing in various areas throughout the glen. This short film covers the new native woodland.