Drygate, Glasgow

Wednesday 3 April

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Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

Wednesday 10 April

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Otley Courthouse


Thurs 25 April

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I'm always looking for more cinemas and halls in which to screen the film. If there's somewhere you know of, drop me a line!

From December 2019 to March 2020, I climbed Scotland's 282 Munros in a single winter season.

The trip takes in around 2,000km of mountain terrain, pairing the demands of walking long distances with winter weather. It was one of the most engaging and satisfying things I've done, drawing together every strand of experience from years spent in the mountains.

The winter of 2019-20 was far stormier than average, and while a rigorous schedule has to be maintained, one must bow and flex to the will of the weather. The season was essentially one non-stop procession of Atlantic westerlies with the briefest of lulls between; never a moment for cruising in auto-pilot or for complacency. By the beginning of February, I had completed about 3/5ths of the summits and was maintaining a pace toward the fastest winter completion. But the continual storms up to that point had me running low on tactical get-outs and there was no let up in conditions.

Thus the winter ended up split in two. The second half brought some incredibly severe winter storms in the North-west Highlands. With progress dampened, I continued chipping at the coal face.

I was nearly caught short, right at the last. The worldwide pandemic in the first part of 2020 caught up with me, and I came so close to not finishing at all.