Crichton's Cairn (top of Cort-ma Law) - 463m
Monday 20th December 2010

Weather/Conditions: Temperature inversion over Glasgow - cloud top c. 300m.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 2.9km / 250m / c. 1h 30m
Accompanying: Dad

Dad and I did this walk because I complained about being stuck in the middle of a cloud at home. Yes - Glasgow was covered in an inversion, with no sign of blue sky above. But if Glasgow's in an inversion you can bet your bottom dollar the Campsies will be sunny and usually warm.

So we drove to Lennoxtown where the cloud started clearing and as we gained height on the Crow Road, we came out the top.

We parked at the top to the road and headed up the hillside. I hadn't been up this hill for over two years. That time there had been many people up, now there was none. But dad and I strolled up, taking pictures or gawping (at least in my case literally!) at the immense scenery.

Dad turned around after a while but I continued to the first top on the hill, Crichton's Cairn which seems to be the name of the cairn on top rather than the hill itself. Whoever Crichton was. Anyway - after a quick visit and a wee panorama (can't resist) I turned around and headed back too, catching dad near the bottom.

We drove back to Glasgow and back into the cloud. I was glad that at least for a while, we could poke our heads out the top and observe. Damn I love this weather.

360° Panorama

Crichton's Cairn
Note: To explain the lack of times at the bottom - the camera time settings were not correct in both cameras. I remember setting off 11.25am but nothing else. I estimate duration as 1h 30m.
Written: 2010-12-26