Ben Chonzie - 931m
Saturday 16th June 2012

Weather/Conditions: Totally clagged in conditions. Damp and windy on the top, and dense mist on top. Loch Earn did look spectacular for it on the way home, though.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 13.5km / 750m / 3h 15m
Accompanying: Uncle Steve

A quick trip out to Ben Chonzie. I joined Uncle Steve for this, who hadn't climbed it. It's a good hill, but the weather was pretty much a non-starter where views were concerned. We made good progress, and because there was no whiteout navigation to be done this time around, we made better time than when I climbed it in February (myself, in a whiteout).

We followed the track to it's very top, then began to navigate over the plateau. A Munros completion party was up - they looked happy, though it was a shame that someone should complete the Munros in pea soup and a gale! The limits of a set date make this a common occurrence though, and I finished my own round the following year on Slioch, in a howling gale and rain!

Unfortunately it was one of those days that doesn't really stick out and details were noticeable by their absence. Uncle Steve did however have a pretty nasty fall as we bombed it back down the hill. I'm not sure I saw him out on a hill much after this!

We returned home via. Loch Earn - and once again Beinn Fuath looked absolutely spectacular. A nice day out, but unfortunately I can't actually remember much. That also says something about the day.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 12.10pm Glen Lednock parking
(1.55) 2.05pm Ben Chonzie
(3.15) 3.25pm Glen Lednock parking

Written: 2015-04-13 (been so long I can't remember any details)