Earn Hill - 202m
Wednesday 4th July 2012

Weather/Conditions: Calm, humid, hot. Clouding over. A couple hours later the most torrential showers came in - an immense amount of rain falling out the sky as we headed back into Glasgow.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 1.7km / 60m / 20 minutes
Accompanying: Alone

Earn Hill isn't really much of an actual hill, more of a bit of raised ground out the back of Gourock. I didn't really expect to be doing this hill either - but it turns out (by happy accident) that it's on the list of HuMPs (Hundred Metre Prominences).

I used to play in a band who were on the Glasgow metal scene for a while. We were rehearsing in the industrial estate at the top of the hill in Gourock. I noticed at some point during the day there was a wee hill out the back with a trig point on top - it therefore must be prominent in some way if the OS thought to put a trig on it.

So during a break, I grabbed the camera and went for a look. I remember going through a couple gates and felt like I was entering private land, but you get onto moorland pretty fast and the trig is right there. You haven't really been up a hill at all as you can essentially drive up it, but it sure as hell is a good viewpoint...

I had a peek down the glens of Cowal which are new to me. Clouds were building, and later that afternoon as we headed back to Glasgow, the rain came down as torrential as I've ever seen it.


Earn Hill - 180° North East

Earn Hill 360°
Written: 2015-04-13