Dumgoyne - 427m
Tuesday 11th December 2012

Weather/Conditions: Clear skies, good visibility and cold. About right for the time of year!
Distance/Ascent/Time: 4km / 450m / 1h 22m
Accompanying: Alone

A December trip up Dumgoyne. I don't remember a lot about this day, but I do particularly remember the descent. I'd gone up the normal way from Glengoyne, and instead of the usual descent, went and had a look at the crags on the SW side. It's all that kind of crumbly stuff you find coming out of a volcanic plug, so no climbing, but I did go for a grassy scramble up among the cliffs, I forget exactly where. You can see I was clutching at straws to find a route or two to do on the Dumgoyne crags, but unlike on Slackdhu, none exists. Well, nothing that isn't of absolutely appalling rock quality. I'll stick to Dumbarton...

But some brilliant weather and wide ranging views this evening, too.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 3.23pm Glengoyne parking
(0.34) 3.57pm Dumgoyne
(1.22) 4.45pm Glengoyne parking

Written: 2015-08-07