An Caisteal - 995m
Beinn Chabhair - 933m
Beinn a' Chroin - 942m
Beinn a' Chroin East Top - 940m

Tuesday 14th May 2013

Weather/Conditions: Wet when I started, with snow falling higher up. Hints of blue sky, a hard hail shower over An Caisteal, then on Beinn Chabhair the sun came out properly - warm with bright blue skies from then on. Most significantly, there were great quanities of snow/slush on the hills from the day before - quite exceptional for mid-May.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 17km / 1600m / 6h 07m
Accompanying: Alone

I'll probably make this one a quick one, as I'm in Killin and my phone's on the verge of running out of juice. (Left the charger with dad)

Today I climbed An Caisteal, Beinn Chabhair and Beinn a' Chroin. I kind of expected to just get another soaking. An Caisteal was covered in snow, drifts knee-high. An intense hail storm came in as I got off the summit, then cleared heading to Chabhair.

The worst form of slobbery snow was on Chabhairs east flank - melting, full of water and me sliding all over the place. Very frustrating, sun balls rolling everywhere in the hot May sun. But I was up in 40 mins from the bealach, down in 20, then over Beinn a' Chroin back to the Glen Falloch car park where dad was parked. Yesterday's rest day also did me a world of good: I had a fairly fast-paced day today and haven't suffered for it.

Today has been a beautiful day, at long last. I'm on 28 Munros, a tenth the way in tally. Tomorrow I'll go over the Lawers 7 with Andy. It'll be a big boost to the count! I try not to look at the count too much, but it's good to feel as though I'm gaining some distance from the starting blocks. Mull feels quite long ago, and so much has happened since, but I still have many, many mountains to climb. But as long as the weather remains good, even reasonable, I should be fine to bash out some fairly big days soon. I had a bit of a worry with all the snow that fell yesterday; yet most of it melted it today.

I'm in Killin tonight, staying at the Capercaillie. These guys were also kind enough to reduce the cost in benefit of my modest budget, so they've been very kind.

I'm planning to do another fairly heavy five days, and then I've scheduled another rest. If the weather holds, it should be good.

360° Panoramas

Beinn Chabhair

Beinn a' Chroin

Beinn a' Chroin East Top
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 10.20am Glen Falloch parking
(2.00) 12.20pm An Caisteal
(3.15) 1.35pm Beinn Chabhair
(4.25) 2.45pm Beinn a' Chroin
(4.40) 3.00pm Beinn a' Chroin East Top
(6.07) 4.27pm Glen Falloch parking

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