Punsters Crack (Severe)
The Cobbler - 884m

Wednesday 24th September 2014

Weather/Conditions: Nice conditions
Distance/Ascent/Time: 5.7km / 850m / 5h 25m
Accompanying: Tom Lawfield

Writing 2017. Another day I evidently didn't write about at the time, despite thinking to contrary.

One of my first climbing trips with Tom Lawfield. We headed into the Cobbler on the a nice evening with an loose idea of what to do. We settled on Punsters - I recall still feeling rusty leading: I'd done so much bouldering but had neglected my trad climbing somewhat. If anything it wasn't as spectacular a climb as I'd have expected. The route goes through some phenomenal terrain, but the climbing itself seemed a bit 'wonky': the first pitch was a bit discontinuous, and the gap in the second pitch was just odd! The third pich is the best of the lot, following a set of cracks in a slab to the top.

After the climb, we headed back to collect our bags, then because we were about there already, went to the summit of the Cobbler to round things off. A brilliant sunset had developed, casting the Luss Hills in golden light. Argyll sometimes looks bloody good under these conditions. We ran down the hill in just over half an hour. Good day. Shame I didn't write something at the time!

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) c. 2.30pm Layby, Glen Croe
(1.35) 4.05pm Start of Punsters Crack
(3.30) 6.00pm Top of Punsters Crack
(4.30) 7.00pm The Cobbler
(4.60) 7.20pm Central-North bealach
(5.25) 7.55pm Layby, Glen Croe

Written: 2017-10-30