Schiehallion - 1083m
Wednesday 4th February 2015

Weather/Conditions: Calm day, bit windy on top. Most mountains relatively clear but some mist on the Schiehallion summit when we got to the top. Minor roads were in reasonable condition, but plenty snow still around.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 9.2km / 750m / 5h 55m
Accompanying: Andrew

A half-day on Schiehallion.

I met Andrew in Killin mid-morning, with good intentions to do Ben Lawers. I knew there was a chance the road up could be in bad condition, and predictably enough I wasn't wrong. Actually, it was sheet ice. A quick change of plan was needed - I guessed that Schiehallion would be a good alternative, thus we did the 20-odd minute drive around to Braes of Foss. This car park, though higher up itself, was ploughed and gritted. Well, mostly. We got parked without trouble and were on our way.

I'd done my usual the night before, and had slept in the front seat of the car. I was feeling a bit wrecked. But Schiehallion isn't too taxing, and it would be good to catch up with Andrew, who I see far too infrequently! It was a cold, calm day; benign, but certainly full on winter too. The Atholl plateau looked beautiful and desolate in this covering of thick snow, and we entered mist for the last little bit to the top of Schiehallion.

It was really a gentle day in every way. I enjoyed this weekend a lot: from the winter lecture, to Glen Coe smothered in snow; the moonlight in the darkness, pink sunsets and a final afternoon on Schiehallion. Brilliant.


230° - East Ridge 930m (shortly before going into mist)
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) c. 12.00pm Braes of Foss
(3.45) 3.45pm Schiehallion
(5.55) 5.55pm Braes of Foss

Written: 2015/2017-11-01