Slioch - 981m
and Sgurr an Tuill Bhàin, Sgurr Dubh & Slioch South Top

Sunday 19th April 2015

Weather/Conditions: Amazing. Again.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 21.5km / 1350m / 6h 50m
Accompanying: Alone

I have always been absolutely enammoured by Slioch as a mountain. Years ago and before I'd got anywhere near completing the Munros, I vowed it would be my final Munro. I had a childhood link with seeing it, or at least being aware of it from an early age; it was a single Munro on it's own, so ideal for a completion. The views of - and from - the mountain are absolutely stonking.

I eventually did complete my Munros on Slioch in August 2013, but as per the circumstances of the time I did it on a pissing wet day. Not quite ideal last Munro material, but maybe pissing wet sums up a large share of Munro completions!

Everybody had been staying at Mol Mor in Torridon for the weekend thanks to Struan, and on the Sunday they were all heading home. I had no pressing need to get back, and once again the weather was breathtaking. In some ways I could make up for the soaking wet first time and have my wished-for weather on Slioch.

It took some time to get into action, but once I'd parked at Incheril and got moving, I was off like a shot. The walk into Slioch is relatively long on a good track. But it makes the approach to the mountain feel long. You pass under the incredible quartzite cliffs of Beinn a' Mhùinidh. I held a pretty relentless pace up the hill, into Coire na Sleaghaich and never really stopping. Without doubt I was tired from the previous day, but such is the price for bonking on a hill day. It doesn't feel good! Nonetheless I was up Slioch in good time, and for the first time, got that view over the top of the mountain, the reveal just as you hit the summit, over Loch Maree and the west.

The weather was flawless. And with views and time to spare, I went down to the pinnacle on the west face for a view of the cliffs and gullies. Slioch would be great to climb on some day. I then went on a top-bagging mission to Sgur an Tuill Bhain, then dropping across Coire na Sleaghaich to Sgurr Dubh and 'Slioch South Top' (another bump on the ridge!). In truth I didn't really want to go down - it was one of those days. And I could also feel that the pervasive lethargy of 2014 was finally receding into history. This was electrifying.

"I'm just coming out of the Slioch coire ... this is, this is the time, this is the place. Right here, right now. There's nowhere on the planet I would rather be than right here ... I can see myself finishing these (Munros) twice, it's not so far away ... I dont have that many to go. So it's all there for the taking. I've had such a good weekend and I only want it to continue. I'll be happy to get back, but... really good, really awesome."

And I walked out entirely contented, back to Inceril to drive the long way south. I stayed the night in Keith's hostel in Glen Coe, reaching Glen Coe 9.30pm.

Photos: Driving south


Slioch 360°

Slioch - 180° North

Slioch - 180° South

Sgurr an Tuill Bhàin 360°

Sgurr Dubh 360°
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 10.45am Incheril
(2.35) 1.20pm Slioch
(3.40) 2.25pm Slioch (left)
(4.00) 2.45pm Sgurr an Tuill Bhàin
(4.50) 3.35pm Sgurr Dubh
(5.00) 3.45pm Slioch South Top
(6.50) 5.35pm Incheril
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