Cnoc Coinnich - 763m
Sunday 14th February 2016

Weather/Conditions: Stunning winter sunset. Cold but brilliant.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 8.1km / 700m / 2h 25m
Accompanying: Alone

Cnoc Coinnich is a great sprawling hill on the Ardgoil peninsula, south of Arrochar. I spent the spring of 2016 working on a climb in Glen Croe called Precious. Having driven up from Glasgow, I could do a few hours on the climb before skin and arms gave out, then pack a bag and go and stomp up a mountain. 2016 was a beautiful spring, and my days in Glen Croe were so often under blue skies and snow-capped hills, enjoying the feeling of making quick progress on a hard climb. On this particular day I had my bouldering session in the warmth of the spring sun, then drove around to the parking at the foot of Cnoc Coinnich. It would be a short route, which was just as well because I didn't have much light left. I headed up the track in Coilessan Glen, which is obvious and well-trodden. This part of the Highlands is well-wooded with Forest Commission plantation that ring the hills – sometimes unattractively. Cnoc Coinnich is no different, and you follow good tracks to get onto the open moor. Emerging from the forests at the top of the glen, I struck off in a direct line to the summit. The evening colours were already beginning to mature, and when I reached the top I was in no particular hurry to move off again, except watch as the snow-covered South Highlands turned pink, then disappeared into twilit gloom altogether. The Moon was taking over; already high in the sky. Finally I trotted down toward the forestry. How good to feel so fit like this, I made quick progress of the glen track and back to the bottom. Cnoc Coinnich made the news soon afterwards for it's redesignation as a Corbett. It was always right on the 2,500 foot boundary, and an accurate survey tipped it over the top. So it may see even more traffic in the future. But for me, it had been a fine couple of hours to burn off some energy and a good sunset to match.

360° Panorama

Cnoc Coinnich
Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 3.40pm Parking
(1.18) 4.58pm Cnoc Coinnich
(1.35) 5.15pm Left summit
(2.25) 6.05pm Parking
Written: 2018-10-03