Beinn Chonzie - 931m
Sunday 18th December 2016

Weather/Conditions: Pea soup! Lots of mist down to realtively low. Cool and breezy on top, and maybe a little dampness. But all in all pretty benign...
Distance/Ascent/Time: 12.5km / 730m / 3h 15m
Accompanying: Struan, Will, Alasdair

Struan invited me out to Beinn Chonzie, which he was climbing with Will. It was a nice day; low key weather, with mist on the upper mountain. Beinn Chonzie from Invergeldie allows you to blast right up to 700m on a good track - hardly the most challenging of mountains. But it was a social morning primarily, and in the social vibe we wound up coming off the summit area in some odd direction. Just short of the landrover track we rejoined the path, but god knows what happened in between.

If anything, the day was more memorable in that once the walking was done, Alasdair and I visited the boulders opposite the Invergeldie parking, which is accessed by a circuitous route. There's an overhanging wall on the lowest of the boulders which presently has a line to be done. I was making progress until the key hold snapped off - a few weeks later I went back to stick it back on, but at present the line still has to be done - about font 7b taking crimps direct up the wall (and to be completed soon!).

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 9.10am Invergeldie
(1.40) 10.50am Beinn Chonzie
(3.15) 12.25pm Invergeldie

Written: 2017-02-27