Fionn Bheinn - 933m
Friday 21st December 2018

Weather/Conditions: Calm conditions, with some low mist hanging around and breaks of sun. Snow only on the upper section, maybe the last 50 metres or so.
Distance/Ascent/Time: 10.2km / 800m / 3h 18m
Accompanying: Alone

Nice day up Fionn Bheinn - I got out the hostel in the morning, up to Achnasheen and onto the hill. This was a third-round Munro for me, and since I was last here in 2013 a new track has spawned, taking you up the first couple hundred metres out of Achnasheen. It's a steep way up, then cross the river then you're onto open boggy slopes. Being a Munro, there is a path through this bog. Sun broke out between layers of fog on the way up to the rim of Toll Mor, which lies just under the summit. Turn left and up to the trig, where there wasn't a view to be found. But a nice enough day, really - and quite settled.

It's not a long hill, ideal for a few hours walking before the drive home. Down to Achnasheen after (which was still covered in mist) then drove out east to Inverness and south down the road. That was an intense and brilliant trip down the road, first an epic moonrise - full and honey-coloured, and then nothing but history on the agenda all the way from Inverness to Dunblane. Whoa. I had a raging headache when I got back! A great couple of days out, and well worth it.

Times (Time relative to 0.00)
(0.00) 11.17am Achnasheen
(1.48) 1.05pm Fionn Bheinn
(3.18) 2.35pm Achnasheen
Written: 2019-01-15